Bidi Makes First Shipment to 900 Kwik Trip, Mapco Stores

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Kaival Brands Innovations Group, the distributor of products manufactured by Bidi Vapor, today announced the initial shipment of Bidi Sticks to over 900 Kwik Trip and Mapco locations

According to a press release, the company expects to ramp up shipments to over 1,200 locations planned by the end of 2023, with Kwik Trip representing over 900 of those locations.

On Thursday, the company made its first shipment of Bidi Sticks to over 1,000 Circle K locations, with a ramp-up to 5,000 locations by the end of the year within the South Atlantic and Midwest regions of the United States.

“Ultimately, our goal is to ramp up to over 1,200 locations this year within those two retailers, both of whom adhere to our strict requirements for adult-only sales and youth-access prevention,” stated Eric Mosser, president and COO of Kaival Brands.

“We are encouraged by the renewed momentum we are experiencing (subject as always to FDA enforcement discretion) with retailers like Circle K, Kwik Trip, and Mapco who champion compliance and youth-access prevention and recognize our ongoing efforts since last year to educate retailers and distributors of the business value of marketing Bidi Stick versus non-compliant competition.”

In March, Kaival Brands Innovations Group entered into a sales broker agreement with a prominent U.S. broker to expand access to Bidi Vapor products from its current foundation of convenience store distribution into new retail channels, including discount, grocery and mass merchandisers.

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